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Sabrina's Music Blog

Where It All Happens:

28 May
Welcome to my official public blog!

I'm Sabrina, a professional musician living and working in Japan. I've been singing and performing since I was 5 years old and I have no plans to stop anytime soon -- music = life. I've performed in 4 different countries (and travelled to over 20!) so far, and plan to add more to the list! Most of my musical training is classical in nature (with a lot of musical theatre experience), but my preferred genres to work in are industrial, rock, darkwave, synthpop, classical, and jazz.

My debut solo CD came out in December 2006, and I've also released 5 songs on iTunes as part of a goth/darkwave collaboration called Z-Machine Labs. Please feel free to contact me or download any of my other songs (for free!) at my official websites.

Official Sabrina Site:

Official Sabrina MySpace:

Official SoundCloud Site:

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I'm a huge fan of Erasure and Bjork (and Gackt, although not so much these days), both for their music as well as their truly stunning and ground-breaking live performances. I aspire to one day have concerts as fabulous and detailed as theirs.