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  Sabrina's Official Website
  August 25th, 2007
August 25th, 2007
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Long time, no update!  
09:42pm 25/08/2007
So, just a quick update to let everyone know I'm not dead! And...

I have finally caved to the urgings of my friends and cohorts in the music biz to get a MySpace account. You can find me here. I've added three songs that are not yet available on my official homepage, so please go check it out! ^__^

Still possessed by the demon mood to create more webspamming networking pages, you can also find me on FaceBook (and yes, *sigh* with my REAL last name there as well, since there was no way around it if I wanted to get in touch with long-lost old friends) here. (In order to use FaceBook you have to sign up -- though signing up is free. Apparently, it's an attempt to keep out the spamming and retardation that occurs rampantly on MySpace. FaceBook is intended to be a professional contact site.)

Both of the above accounts have photo albums with NEW photoshoots available! So, again, please check it out and tell me what you think (and feel free to friend me if you have an account in either place)! ^__^

And if you want to torture yourself with figuring out a Japanese blog, I've also opened one up at Ameba in order to keep in touch with my various new Japanese music industry contacts. At the moment, though, there's nothing there, but you can see it here if you really want to.

mood: creativecreative
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