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  July 1st, 2007
July 1st, 2007
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Long Time, No See!  
11:26pm 01/07/2007
Well, I've finally gotten over my allergies, and have been spending weeks in the studio doing some catch-up work.

Our production company recently expanded, which is good news all around because now we have some very good sponsors, which means more money and advertising power! But it also means I need to make a 5 song demo instead of a 3 song demo in order to get the clearance for a full album.

I've got one song completely finished, one more in post, two being recorded now, and one more being composed as of this writing.

I'm thinking I'll just put up alot of the work I've been doing on my website (which needs a serious update!) instead of making everyone wait for the CD release. Then people can hear the processes I go thorough as well (raw track-> first take-> harmonies-> effects-> mix-> final product). I also have two other photoshoots to add to the photos section.

As soon as I get some time, maybe next Sunday, I'll start updating the site! Thanks for your patience, everyone! ^__^
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