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  March 2nd, 2007
March 2nd, 2007
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Delays, delays.  
05:29pm 02/03/2007
Well, the release date has been pushed back AGAIN, despite things being mostly done. Turns out that "Home" is registered with *5* different publishing rights agencies because it's been released in 5 different parts of the world (and why they didn't just stick to one licensing agreement is beyond me), and of course, ALL 5 have to be asked for permission to reproduce it in Japanese. *sigh*

That, combined with my horrific hay fever has left us in a state of being unable to move forward any further until at least the end of March or possibly April. Until then, I'm working on more songs of my own, which will hopefully take the place of "Home" for the time being, and then allow "Home" to become a second release later down the line.

Hopefully I'll have my jazz rep finished within the next two weeks and then I can get to work on that audition. That should also come up around April. ^__^
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