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  January 30th, 2007
January 30th, 2007
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09:56pm 30/01/2007
Today I worked on two covers (Michael Bubel's "Home", and Imogen Heap's "Hide And Seek") which will eventually be done in Japanese, and also finished up the Japanese version of my original song, "Missing You". So far, it looks like the three songs to appear on my CD will be "Missing You" (E & J versions), "Home" (J version), and "Wataridori" (E version). There are still some bits of the Japanese "Missing You" that need to be worked out, but it shouldn't take long. My producer will help to smooth out where my Japanese is less than perfect (which is probably alot ~_^).

I downloaded over 2 gigs of Jazz, Bossa, and Swing from T-san, in order to work up an audition repertoire for some high-class Jazz bars/restaurants who are currently seeking foreign female vocalists. In further news, since Amaterase's break up, it seems D-san will be available for some session work for a time. I don't currently have any rock songs in the works, but once I do (there's one coming up for an anime theme song), I'm definitely going about seeing how much session work will be from him as well.

Still sick though... I feel ok, just too stuffed up to properly say the word "home", much less sing it. Doh!
mood: stuffystuffy
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