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  November 13th, 2006
November 13th, 2006
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Today's Lesson, Kiddies, Is Called "Selling Out"  
11:47pm 13/11/2006
Yep. While I'll aparently never be a rock star, I will settle for being the pop ballad star of Japan. ~_^

Basically, my producer gave me the "you have to pick ONE genre" talk, along with the "you're too old to have many more chances" talk a few nights ago. I know the latter is true, at least for Japan, so that's fine by me. I intend to put my nose to the grindstone and work it to get where I want. Too bad *where* I want and *what* I want aren't going to be the same thing anymore.

I went in to record my new song and he told me, point-blank, "We can't produce this here. We can't sell this song." I appreciate the honesty, and I'm used to that kind of thing, so it's not as crushing as it sounds, but it felt shitty nonetheless given the general circumstances of the last week. I had put alot of work into that song, even if it was too weird to be mainstream (it wasn't meant to be anyway). He told me that my voice was good enough for any genre I wanted to do, and if I really wanted to do rock and techno he could hook me up with someone next year, but they produce R&B, hip-hop, jazz, and pop. And then there was also that dreaded next year.

So, rather than give up on a good thing, I decided to change my tack entirely. I like singing Broadway (as you can see from my website ~_^) and I like the songs of Utada Hikaru and Ayumi Hamasaki, if not the singing. So basically, we're going about making me into the Sarah Brightman / Celine Dion of Japan. Heh.

It's apparently not acceptable (with the exception of Gackt, because he's already famous) to perform in several different genres in Japan. You have to pick ONE, and then that's you forever. Versatility and individuality are not prized here -- which is surprising given the musical history of Japan (the ideal of instrumental specialization didn't come until well post-Meiji).

So here goes! Wish me luck!
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music: me - "Things I'll Never Have" (work in progress)
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