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  Sabrina's Official Website
  October 24th, 2006
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10:17am 24/10/2006
This entry celebrates the opening of my public journal, associated with my website, http://www.s-a-b-r-i-n-a.net ! Please check it out!

Today I'm headed for the studio to get more recording done for three new songs that I've written for sale. They probably won't appear on my album (they're not really my thing -- R&B/pop, for my producer) but I may put them up in the "demos" section of the site when I get them finished, just so you can hear me do something completely different to what I will be doing on my own CD. ~_^
location: at work
mood: accomplishedaccomplished
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I'm Baaaaaaaack!  
11:52pm 24/10/2006
Just got back from the studio and I'm all inspired now. Completely over my writer's block for the problems I was having with my new songs. I expect them to be finished very soon now.

PLUS! Good news!

I could *possibly* have my first live in Japan (in Yokohama!), and on Christmas Day, no less! ^_________^ What a perfect present to myself! ^___^ It may not be possible to do on such short notice, but *fingers crossed*. Apparently, I'd be looking at a crowd of about 3000, and about 20-30 minutes of action. Woot!
location: home studio
mood: creativecreative
music: in my head
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